Shamanism is the oldest ancestral method that uses modified states of consciousness to find solutions to problems and to heal. In Europe it was the Druids who used to practice shamanism.

The essential quality of a shaman is his ability to come into contact with the spirits and energies of the universe through meditation or trance methods known as “shamanic journey”.

A shaman is a healer with the ability to use the strength of the earth’s magnetic field for healing.

The activities of the shaman are as follows:

  • Increase or recovery of the personal power
  • Search for answers
  • Extractions:
    The shaman extracts from the body of the person “intrusions” which, according to the shamanic tradition, represent the spiritual essence of the disease.
  • Recovery of lost soul parts:
    In ancient traditions, it is believed that if the body suffers, it is the soul that needs help. It is considered that there is a part of the soul that is lost or even the memory of such experiences. The shaman then undertakes a journey to search for the essence of that lost energy which he then returns to the person.
  • Psychopomp:
    This Greek expression means accompanying soul. The shaman helps the dying person to cross the threshold of death.

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