Life Affirming Coaching is a holistic approach which will help you find answers in any area.

It brings information from your subconscious mind and provides you with answers your (rational) mind would not have considered.

By entering in resonance with your energy field I am in direct communication with you and your higher self. In other words I communicate with your true essence, the voice of your inner of wisdom.

Thus I follow the same process, for matters as diverse as:

• Personal development & inner wisdom: to know yourself is to know your value and enhances your strength, your authenticity and your power of action.

• Business life: to decide on your career path, to shed light on a challenging situation, to decide which are the next steps.

• Personal relationships: within your family, your circles of friends and colleagues or with your partner.

• Health and Well-Being: to re-activate and strengthen your immune system in case of illness, to boost your energy level or to simply re-align all your energy flows into harmony. Harmonious energy flows within the body being synonymous with health and well-being.Life Affirming Coaching is appropriate and applicable to any professional or private situation.