What is 777-regenerative-healing® ?

777-regenerative-healing® is a holistic approach that can be applied to a wide variety of life situations, whether in the work environment, in private life or in the health sector. Below you will find an explanation for this last area. For the other domains, however, the procedure is absolutely identical.

We are in a state of health when all energies in our body are in perfect harmony. 777-regenerative-healing® is an energetic healing approach that re-creates balance and harmony.

7 is a sacred number: there are the 7 tones, 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 week days. Also all cells of our body are renewed during the course of 7 years.

Already Einstein had discovered this: matter, so also the body, is a form of condensed energy. This means that there are matter and vibrations in every substance, in every body.

After the construction of a house one can see the architect’s plan no longer. So is it with our body: there is a blueprint and there is the spirit of the architect – our consciousness.

Without this plan, our cells would not know what they are and what they have to do. This plan is based on vibration patterns. Each function of our body has its own oscillation frequency. If a disorder or illness occurs, both matter and the pattern of vibration are affected.

What happens during a 777-regenerative-healing® session?

I enter into an energy field that contains three elements: light, information and high energy frequencies. This creates is a three-way equation between the person, the universal energy and myself. During the session the energy frequencies of the person increase and find again to a state of balance and harmony.

This has an effect on all cells and the DNA and  heals.

During the session “information” flow to me, in the form of pictures, words and feelings. I pass these on to the person without interpretation.

Important note: I provide neither diagnosis nor predictions.

The session can take place in the presence of the person as well as remotely.

Examples of results after  777-regenerative-healing® treatments:

Cancer (mouth and tongue): although the cancerous parts in the mouth and the tongue had been removed, cancer was not eradicated. This is when the person contacted me and experienced 2 sessions. The next medical analyses were so good, that no chemiotherapy and radiotherapy were needed. The person is healed.

Cancer (uterus): ten years ago the person had already been diagnosed cancer and successfully treated. In 2017 doctors diagnosed a resurgence of cancerous cells and she contacted me. Upon one session her doctors were amazed at the results, which they could not explain: there were no cancerous cells anymore.

Pancreatitis: upon three sessions all bacteries disappeared. Doctors feared the person would not recover: before contacting me the person had spent six weeks in intensive care.

Second degree burns on the face: I did the session right upon the accident happened. The person left the hospital two weeks after, without any scars on her face.

Broken foot in three places: healing period reduced by one third.

Depressions, burnouts: persons recover energy and joy in life.

The 777-regenerative-healing® method can be applied in many other cases, such as dissolving emotional shocks, releasing harmful energies, harmonizing energy flows and regaining strength, eliminating allergies.

How to book a session?

The session can take place in the presence of the person as well as remotely.

Each session is to be paid one week in advance. A cancellation must be communicated 48 hours in advance, after this time the refund is 50%. Upon receipt of your payment you will be contacted by email to set an appointment.