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Our life experiences form us, they are pure knowledge.

When I was a 10-year-old child in secondary school I had to describe in an essay what I would do, would I have unlimited resources for it. My answer was: every time I see a person suffering, I want to be able to press a button and heal her.
Well I became neither a doctor nor a nurse: my career path is one as Chief Financial Officer.

So very often I am being asked: why did you become a shaman and healer?

Life is our greatest teacher. One day when I was with two of my friends the first one said: My left elbow is constantly hurting because I work on my computer for hours every day. The second person looked at me and asked me to do something to relieve it. I had no idea why she was asking, having never done anything like this before and declined. She insisted and then left the room. And suddenly I knew and acted intuitively: I placed my hands on her elbow, closed my eyes and immediately a flow of information went through my head, my hands became very warm. After a while, I felt the heat cooling down, everything became calm in my head again and I knew I was done. My friend looked at me in amazement and said that not only did he feel the heat in his left arm, but also in his right arm.

After that experience, I did not pursue it. Years passed. However, this knowledge was not meant to remain hidden. I trained in energy medicine and ancient healing traditions and graduated as a management & business coach. And life has continued to provide me with multiple learning opportunities.

These are now an integral part of my own method: 777-regenerative-healing®.

C. G. Jung says: “He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens”.

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