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Nothing predisposed Simone Junod to become a shaman and a healer. A CFO works with a logical matter, the figures, and her recommendations are based on rational and objective elements.

It is her life journey, which at times was like a rough and raging sea, and during which she lost close relatives, also at an early age, that led her on this path.

The third wave has combined the loss of her second sister and the breakdown of her relationship with the loss of her job, within a few weeks.

It was during the mourning and job search phase that her other resources came to light. C. G. Jung says: “Whoever sees outside dreams, the one who sees inside awakens”.

Intuitively it is the inward path she took to overcome this stormy period of life. Drawing, painting, regular jogging and nature were her sources of strength, in addition to shamanic and energetic methods.

There are shamans who revealed her own shamanic and healing skills.

Since then she took trainings in different disciplines, amongst others, the one listed here below. These now form an integral part of her personal shamanic and energetic approach: 777-regenerative-healing®.

Education & trainings